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A Checklist For One Bedroom Hotels in Sathorn, Bangkok

Amanta Sathorn’s one bedroom hotel rooms in Sathorn, Bangkok

Features to Look For in a One Bedroom Hotel in the Sathorn Area of Bangkok

Any frequent traveler knows what a difference a great hotel can make when visiting new cities. By providing the right services, facilities, and location, a hotel can make you feel truly at home and ensure that your trip runs smoothly from start to finish. 

It’s important if you are planning a stay in Bangkok to know exactly which features to consider when selecting your hotel. To help you pick the right one, this article will cover everything you need to look for when selecting a one bedroom hotel in the Sathorn area of Bangkok.

Convenient Location

Sathorn is a well-known business district in Bangkok, centrally located and bustling with commerce. It is an extremely convenient area of the city, and any one bedroom hotel around Sathorn you consider should be located near public transportation so that you can easily access other parts of Bangkok during your stay. 

The Sathorn area has many convenient transportation options, including the BTS skytrain system, the MRT subway system, public buses, taxis, and even ferry services. Make sure that any hotel you are looking at is easily accessible with a few different types of public transportation nearby. That will give you the mobility you need to easily attend business meetings or go sightseeing around the city.

Full Range of Amenities & Services

In addition to having a convenient location, any one bedroom hotel that you consider during your stay in the Sathorn area of Bangkok should feel like a home away from home. This means providing the full range of amenities and services, so that no matter how long your stay in Bangkok is, you will feel comfortable in your space.

Some key room amenities to look for include living areas that are big enough to host family, friends, or guests, a desk or workspace area for business trips, fully equipped kitchen areas, and pleasant decor that looks modern and provides a calming environment.

In addition to room amenities, there are many services that can add convenience to your stay. For long trips, having access to laundry facilities or laundry services is essential, as is regular room cleaning. It’s wise to check whether your hotel offers airport transportation services to help you get to and from the airport. A concierge is also helpful to answer any questions you may have about the city during your stay in a one bedroom hotel in Bangkok.

Excellent Facilities

Another way that a one bedroom hotel in Sathorn can truly make you feel at home is with excellent facilities, either within the hotel premises or closeby. Those who want to keep fit during their travels will appreciate gym and swimming pool facilities. Business travelers will want to check that their hotel has the printing and business center facilities they need to be able to work from the hotel.

It’s always nice to have a salon or massage parlor within walking distance of your one bedroom hotel room in Sathorn, to keep you feeling fresh during your stay. It is also important that your hotel has dining facilities either within the hotel or closeby, giving you access to quick, quality food options when you need them.

The Perfect One Bedroom Hotel in Sathorn

If you’re looking for a one bedroom hotel in Sathorn that ticks all the boxes then look no further than Amanta Sathorn. Our luxurious hotel has a great location, full-service amenities, and all the facilities you need to feel at home here in Bangkok.