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Amanta Sathorn
About us

The Amanta Hotel and Residence Sathorn is a modern hotel in the heart of Bangkok’s Sathorn district. The designers and creators of the Amanta Sathorn conceived it to be an oasis of comfortable living, within the heart of the bustling city of Bangkok.

Each spacious suite within the Amanta Sathorn contains a kitchenette and living area to highlight the livability of the suites beyond normal hotel rooms. When you book a suite at the Amanta Sathorn, you’ll feel like you’re returning to a home away from home at the end of a long day of business meetings or sightseeing around the city.

Scandinavian Interior Design

This increased livability extends to the suite’s décor as well. Our suites all feature the clean lines, subtle textures and natural color palettes of Scandinavian interior design. This award-winning design style has become beloved around the world for its ability to convey a sense of tranquility and restfulness.
The use of light wood accents, when combined with the quiet colors of nature, will leave you feeling far away from the city, the traffic and the noise. Our décor further adds to the luxury and comfort you’ll enjoy when you book a stay at Amanta Sathorn.


An Oasis Above the City of Bangkok

We’ve also designed the Amanta Sathorn so all the facilities are high above the bustling and busy streets of the city. The check-in desk, lobby, co-dining area, fitness room, co-working area and swimming pool all occupy the 8th floor of the hotel.
When you relax beside the outdoor pool and gaze up at the stars, or work out in the fitness center and enjoy a sweeping view of the city below, you’ll feel you’re somehow removed from the city and spending time in an oasis of comfort.
Come and enjoy a hotel unlike any other in the city. You’ll have a luxurious experience when you book your next stay in Bangkok at the Amanta Hotel and Residence Sathorn.