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A Fun Evening Out at Jodd Fairs Market Near Your Hotel in Ratchada

After many years, the Rod Fai night market has called it quits. But the new Jodd Fairs market has stepped in to offer a whole new variety of food, market stalls and entertainment. It’s just a short walk from the Rama 9 MRT station. We’ll tell you more about this attraction that’s made the Ratchada area more vibrant than ever.

Incredible Food

One of the best aspects of night markets in Thailand is the incredible street food. The Jodd Fairs is no exception, with a variety of food stalls with tons of delicious options to choose from. 

Street Food

There are many delicious street food stalls for those who want to eat while browsing. Grab a few delicious mala skewers, finger-food desserts, or a fresh fruit smoothie. 

Sit Down Food Options

There are also many larger, restaurant-style food stalls in the market where you can sit and enjoy a meal with family or friends. There are made-to-order food options and stands specializing in delicious fresh seafood or spicy Northeastern food. There is also a restaurant that serves a huge dish of shareable leng saep that is very popular with locals.

Cafes and Bars

You can also sit and enjoy the market atmosphere with a variety of artisan beverages. You’ll find an assortment of cafes offering chic coffee and tea beverages in a charming atmosphere. Small cafe tables offer an incredible view of the market traffic. 

In the evening, many small bars serve a variety of alcoholic drinks, including local and craft beers, soju, and mixed drinks. You can also order soft drinks and other non-alcoholic options.

Shopping Stalls

Night markets like Jodd Fairs are great for shoppers. There are a variety of stalls with interesting items for sale, including clothing, accessories, and electronics. 


The clothing for sale is one of the highlights of the Jodd Fairs market. You’ll find a wide array of items, from casualwear to clothes that could be worn to work. They also have a variety of stylish streetwear items, like crop tops, trendy dresses, and comfortable sneakers that are reasonably priced. There is also a variety of printed tees with clever, intriguing designs that are sure to make a statement.

A couple of friends look at floral dresses for sale at the Jodd Fairs market in Bangkok.


You can also find many fashionable accessories, including wallets, purses, scarves, and jewelry. The wide assortment of styles and colors means that you’re sure to find something you’ll love. You can also pick up phone cases and electronics accessories of every variety, including adorable designs of your favorite cartoon characters.


Another highlight of the Jodd Fairs market is the area at the front where various performances take place. You can check out the Jodd Fairs Facebook page to see when there will be live music at the market.

Check It Out

The Jodd Fairs market is well worth visiting for a fun, family-friendly evening out. This market is open every day from 11 am to 12 am, so you can plan to visit anytime that is convenient for you, though it’s recommended to visit after 5 pm when the market is most lively.

This market is located right behind the Central Plaza Grand Rama 9 Mall, at the corner of Rama 9 Road and Dindaeng Road, making it easy to get to. If you’d like to take public transportation, take Bangkok’s MRT subway system to Phra Ram 9 station, and the market is only a 5-minute walk from there.

This is just one of the many exciting evening activities you can check out in the Ratchada area. And there are many hotels in Ratchada that provide a wonderful place to stay during a visit to Bangkok.