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Find Something for Everyone at the Ratchada Night Market

In recent years, the Ratchada area of Bangkok has bloomed into a vibrant hub for business, culture, and nightlife. Among the best family-friendly attractions in Ratchada, and Bangkok as a whole, is the Ratchada Night Market, a must-visit nighttime activity for anyone staying in the area. With its endless rows of colorful tent stalls, tantalizing street food selections, and energetic bar scene, there’s a little something for everyone at the Ratchada Night Market.

Just a few minutes from Amanta Hotel and Residence Ratchada and the Thai Cultural Center MRT station, the Ratchada Night Market, also known as Talat Rot Fai or the Night Train Market, is packed nightly with tourists and locals alike; it’s impossible to miss! Whether you’re traveling for work and taking a staycation with your family, the market is a can’t-skip activity, especially for guests at Amanta. If you are struggling to decide what to do in Ratchada, look no further than the night market.

Food, Food, and More Food

One of the most popular activities at the market is to sample some of the many great food stalls. Since Ratchada has grown as a business district, many locals head to the market after work for a quick beer and a smattering of tasty, affordable street food dishes. 

With prices for food kept low to avoid isolating the local community, most of the food can be found for under 60 THB per dish. This includes spicy Thai yam salads, steaming bowls of noodles, fried meats and seafood, and of course a large selection of rice dishes. If you are flexible with pricing, don’t miss out on the buckets of seafood from Kung Thep or the famous cheese-covered shellfish from NeverDie.

Aside from dinner or finger foods, the night market has multiple stalls dedicated to sweet and tasty Thai desserts; after all, it is a Thai market. Satisfy your sweet tooth with Thai khanom such as coconut jellies and cakes, honey toast, or the quintessential mango sticky rice. 

Affordable Outdoor Bars

As you walk through the entrance to the night market, you’ll first have to navigate through the many semi-permanent bars and restaurants that are always buzzing with activity. Equipped with simple fans, cold beer, and finger-licking snacks, these bars are an ideal way to cap off a night. In true Thai fashion, many of these bars will also host live music too.

Exciting and Unique Outdoor Clubs

Rounding off Ratchada Night Market’s unique offerings are the outdoor, multi-storeyed clubs that line the back row of the market. Each of the dozen or so bars is decked out in a different style, pumping out different genres of music and attracting crowds of all tastes. One thing is consistent throughout though – the drinks are cold and the prices are low!