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Explore the Best Local Restaurants in Ratchada

Bangkok’s main areas are often generally denoted by the name of a major road, with Sukhumvit, Sathorn, and Silom roads leading the way for road-based neighborhoods. Ratchadapisek Road, colloquially shortened to Ratchada, is one such road and has recently emerged as one of the busiest business, entertainment, and residential neighborhoods in the city.

With the MRT subway running underneath the road’s entirety, Ratchada is now home to some fantastic micro-neighborhoods with fantastic food that any visitor to Bangkok would be remiss to overlook. Amanta Hotel & Residence is conveniently located near most of these areas, giving our guests the opportunity to explore Ratchada and dine out at some of the best restaurants.

Simply step outside Amanta Hotel & Residence and discover a tremendous amount of local food options that help define Ratchada as one of Bangkok’s top neighborhoods.

Ratchada Soi 3

Just one street south of Amanta Hotel & Residence is Ratchada soi 3, a small but bustling street with an overwhelming amount of great restaurants to choose from. This side street is across the main road from Ratchada soi 4, one of the happening entertainment centers for university-aged Thai partygoers, many of whom eat and revel on soi 3 before and after going out.

The simple-yet-famous Uan Chicken Rice on the corner of the second small intersection on soi 3 is the area’s true gem. Starting at just 35 Thai Baht (approximately $1 USD), guests can get a steaming plate of Khao Mun Gai – Thai for “chicken with flavored rice”. While the price and taste make this small establishment one of the best restaurants in Ratchada, the fact that it is open 24 hours elevates it to legendary status.

Just across the street from Uan Chicken Rice is Pak Panang, a small canteen-style shop serving up affordable and spicy southern Thai food. Adventurous eaters can get a plate of rice with up to three different southern curries, starting at only 40 Thai Baht! This is about as local as you can get in Ratchada, but Pak Panang is assuredly clean and welcoming for all flavor-seekers.

Interested in changing things up? OMG Bar has an outrageously good TexMex menu that brings to life the tastes of home cooking. From burritos to quesadillas to Mexican-spiced chicken wings, OMG provides excellent value and is a top choice for western restaurants in Ratchada.

Huai Khwang

Just one MRT stop north of Thai Cultural Center, the closest stop for Amanta Hotel & Residence guests, is Huai Khwang, a developing and heavily Chinese-influenced area in Ratchada. With Ratchada being home to the Chinese Embassy and offices that attract many Chinese business travelers, Huai Khwang has grown to accommodate a tremendous number of Chinese restaurants.

It may not look like much, but 8 Bean Hotpot ranks highly as a must-try Sichuan hotpot restaurant in Ratchada. The explosion of spicy flavor coupled with the fresh meat and vegetables makes for a uniquely satisfying family-style meal.

Elsewhere in Huai Khwang, you can find Fu Wah Restaurant, a truly Chinese restaurant with mostly Chinese-speaking staff and a whopping menu with over 300 items. Too many options? Head across the street and try Yipin Xiang La Gao for more Sichuan offerings. Just make sure you have Google Translate open because their menu is only in Chinese!

JODD Fairs Market

If you haven’t visited the legendary JODD Fairs Market yet, grab your wallet and appetite and walk on over!

With dozens of street food stalls throughout alleyways, the JODD Fairs Market is a foodie’s dream and a sensory-stimulating place to explore in Ratchada. Sample local Thai street food staples, drinks, and a minimal style cafe’.

Whatever you decide on, make sure you save room for dessert. Thai snacks, premium fruits and vegetables shop, you to indulge in their flavor profiles and it can be hard to say no!

Or you can shop around for a cool craft and handmade and a variety of items such as clothing, footwear, bags, jewelry, home decorations, vintage style products, etc.

While you’re staying in Ratchada, explore the many local food options in the different micro-neighborhoods for a truly memorable and delicious experience.