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Three Museums and Galleries to See Near AmantaSathorn Hotel

3 Eclectic Museums and Galleries to See Near Amanta Sathorn

Adventurous visitors to a new city often want to visit private museums and art galleries to get a different perspective of the city. When you stay at the Amanta Hotel & Residence Sathorn, three of the most eclectic and colorful museums in Sathorn are located right near the hotel. They’re well worth a visit to see a side of the city you might regret missing, one that shows you the sheer variety of the lifestyles and art appreciation of Bangkok citizens.

These are places within walking distance of your hotel that will enchant visitors who value the creative spirit. They represent a glimpse into the old Bangkok, recent, well-respected artists in the community, as well as the cutting-edge of the city’s art scene.

The Bangkokian Museum

If you’re interested in seeing more of the traditional side of Bangkok, the Bangkokian Museum on Charoen Krung 43 Alley offers an endearing look back into the old Bangkok. Also known as the Bangkok Folk Museum and housed in a traditional old house in a shady, tranquil garden, the house shows how life was during the heyday of the merchant class when life was bustling along the riverside. 

Wandering among the spotless rooms of the large home gives one a sense of both the wealthy lifestyle of the merchant class and their need to live in the neighborhood where they plied their trade among their friends and family.

For more than a few visitors, an hour at the home looking at all the furnishings and objects on display is simply not enough. And many visitors make repeat trips to the museum.

Kathmandu Photo Gallery

The Kathmandu Photo Gallery at 87 Pan Road near the Sri Mariamma Hindu Temple off Silom Road offers the photography of Thailand’s most well-known photographer in the international art world, ManitSriwanichpoom.

KhunManit is interested in Buddhism and Hinduism, as well as Tantra, Shamanism and the mountain literature of the Himalayas. His personal art in the photo gallery, as well as the book titles in the corner book area of the gallery, reflect these themes.

Downstairs in the restored shophouse, the walls display some of his own expansive body of photographic work. Upstairs, there is a continuously changing exhibit of photographs by up and coming, as well as established artists, in the Bangkok art community. There also is an ongoing project entitled ‘Seeking Forgotten Masters of Photography’.

The gallery offers an ever-changing variety of the finest contemporary photography by Thai artists in the city.

Bangkok CityCity Gallery

This striking, stark-white cubist gallery is located near the western end of Lumpini Park. This Sathorn museum and gallery in Bangkok features a continuous series of art events and exhibitions that showcase the most current emerging talents and established artists on the creative and eclectic Thai art scene.

The gallery prides itself on the fusion of artistic styles and media it offers in its large exhibition space. The two founding artists, Akapol Op Sudasna and SupamasPhahulo, include printed media in the exhibitions. Bangkok CityCity Gallery, in partnership with Studio 150, co-founded the annual Bangkok Art Book Fair in 2016.

For visitors staying at the AmantaSathorn Hotel who want to see the artistic side of Bangkok, these Sathorn museums and galleries all offer nearby excellently curated and presented exhibitions that are well worth a visit.