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Advantages of a Two-bedroom Hotel Suite

Friends enjoying a shopping trip to Bangkok

More people are finding innovative ways to save money while traveling. They’re looking more closely at room rates and what those rates provide. Many of these travelers are discovering that they can be just as comfortable and spend less money by traveling with a friend and booking a two-bedroom hotel suite.

One of the benefits of booking a two-bedroom hotel suite is that it offers added luxurious space at around the same price you would pay for two single rooms. We’ll explore the additional benefits you can expect to enjoy in Bangkok when you book your accommodation at our two-bedroom hotel near the BTS.

Upgrade Your Accommodations

Booking a two-bedroom suite in a hotel is generally seen as an upgrade in accommodation benefits. You’ll usually enjoy a better standard of décor and higher-quality amenities. You’ll also relish the extra space, including:

Living Area

A two-bedroom hotel suite wouldn’t make any sense without a central living area where both occupants could meet and relax. A central living area is also a must if you’re planning on an extended stay. It makes a hotel seem more homelike and inviting.

Larger Bedrooms

When you book a two-bedroom suite, one of the benefits is that the rooms are usually in proportion to each other. The upgrade in accommodations includes the entire suite, and you enjoy larger bedrooms with plenty of storage space and a spacious living area.


The inclusion of a kitchenette in your accommodations is the number one way to save money when traveling. Having to pay restaurant prices for every breakfast, lunch, and dinner gets tiresome. Sometimes, you just want to cook a simple meal for yourself and your traveling partner and relax in front of the TV instead of going out.

Deluxe Amenities

When you upgrade your accommodations, even if you pay less than you would have spent booking two single rooms, you can expect to enjoy a higher level of amenities.

Business Advantages of a Two-bedroom Suite

Businesspeople trying to work while traveling

Business managers and owners are also looking closely at traveling expenses. They understand that their employees need a certain amount of comfort and amenities when on the road, particularly on extended trips, but travel costs have to be kept in check.

Two-bedroom hotel suites have the benefits of providing a working, sleeping, and entertaining space. Amanta Hotel & Residence Sathorn offers two-bedroom deluxe suites with desks in both bedrooms and a spacious living area where you can host suppliers or clients for meetings or simple get-togethers. The kitchenette allows those traveling for work to cook their own comfort food on extended trips.

Our location is right in the heart of the Sathorn district, Bangkok’s commercial and financial hub. With a location close to Bangkok’s rapid transit stations, your company will also save money on transportation. As you can see, the many benefits of booking a two-bedroom hotel suite in the Sathorn District make a lot of sense to finance-conscious managers!

Whether you’re traveling with a good friend or a valued business colleague, consider a two-bedroom hotel suite near the BTS at Amanta Hotel & Residence Sathorn the next time you visit Bangkok for a short or extended stay.